Data export

If you wish to download and save DIRAC information, please click DIRAC raw data. You will see an excel sheet containing all members of the database, and you will also see all available radiotherapy units, beam details, dosimetry equipment, including data on brachytherapy as well as external beam therapy.

There are a lot of ways to prepare the data exactly as you need them. Next to the DIRAC data tab, where you can look at single hospitals, there are three different predefined queries in the Data collection tab. You can either display a certain region including details of all the relevant countries, or you can display all regions or all countries with the available information one below the other.

The Maps tab is another powerful tool to organize the DIRAC data. There you have the possibility to do research on the availability of radiation therapy, to compare two or more regions, to check on the status of radiation therapy equipment or to visualize the age of certain equipment.